EasyFile Guidebook

Organize the papers now cluttering your home with this handy step-by-step guidebook that takes you from preparation, to set-up and maintenance of your home filing system. The booklet is spiral bound and lays flat for easy reference. Its generous margins and large print make it easy to read.

For ease-of use your guidebook is divided into four sections:

  1. Introducing EasyFile: A few pages designed to familiarize you with your EasyFile Home Filing System.
  2. Creating Your System: This section contains the five easy-to-follow steps to lead you through:
    • Gathering the supplies you'll need,
    • Doing a "paper roundup",
    • Sorting and weeding the papers you've gathered,
    • Building your filing system,
    • And finally, creating a long-term storage area for infrequently accessed, but very important papers.
  3. Easy Guides: You'll refer again and again to the twenty-two Easy Guides included in your guidebook. These helpful guides list recommendations as to the contents of each folder, detail which papers should be retained and which may be discarded, and specify those that can be moved to long-term storage, and when.
  4. Managing Paper: This section is dedicated to help ensure your success with a few thoughts on the habit of paper stacking, processing mail, avoiding paper clutter, and tips on maintaining your files.

You'll find your guidebook packed with useful tips and suggestions to help you get organized, save time & money, and maintain a home free from paper clutter. Plus, you'll enjoy the timely collection of inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout from famous authors, statesmen, and philosophers with messages intended to entertain and motivate.