FAQ EasyFile Home Filing System

Are the folder labels preprinted or will I have to print them on my home printer?

For your convenience our labels are preprinted for you - each with an additional line to further customize the label. We also include several blank labels in each color category as well. Everything is ready to go; you choose the labels that suit your needs, customize them if you wish, and you’ll be organized in no time!

Are file folders and hanging files included with my kit?

No, folders and hanging files are not included with your EasyFile Kit. We've found the additional cost for shipping so expensive for our customers - as folders and hanging files are very heavy - we recommend they be purchased at your local office supply to save you a bit of cash. Or they can be purchased online directly from our affiliate Office Depot office supply company.

What type of file folders and other filing supplies will I need?

File Folders:
Purchase: 1/3 cut file folders, *single position, (letter or legal size).
1st tab position (far left) recommended - sold in quantities of 100 folders per box.

*We recommend setting up your EasyFile home filing system using the straight-line filing method, where folder tabs are placed one behind the other in a single position.

Hanging Files:
Purchase: 1/3 cut, standard green hanging files, (letter or legal size).
Sold in quantities of 25 per box - 1/3 cut plastic index tab covers included.
If you already have the hanging files, you’ll just need 1/3 cut (3-inch) plastic tabs

Can you tell me what type of labels there are, it's hard to tell from the picture?

Each of the 7 colors you see displayed in our self-adhesive folder labels represent more specific areas of personal, financial, and home management files. They cover the topics of:

Income & Employment
Savings & Investments
Insurance & Health / Veterinary
Home Management & Personal
Estate Planning

These basic topics are then broken down into 23 Key Categories, which form the tab titles for your hanging files. These 23 key categories are then subdivided into folder titles that are easily customized to fit your needs. Together they form EasyFile, a simplified filing system that’s easy-to-use and become familiar with.