Filing Supplies You'll Need To Set Up Your EasyFile Home Filing System

We recommend setting up your EasyFile Home Filing System using the Straight-Line Filing method where folder tabs are placed one behind the other in a single position. You'll find it to be simple, practical, and very user-friendly.

Our full color foldder labels and index tabs eliminate the need to purchase expensive colored folders and hanging files. Less costly, and equally effective, manila folders and standard green hanging files will suit your needs perfectly - and save you money!

Before you begin you'll want to have the following supplies on hand. They can be purchased at most local office supply stores.

File Folders


Purchase: 1 Box, 1/3 cut, *single position, manila file folders.
Letter or legal size (your preference).
Sold in quantities of 100 folders per box.
* 1st tab position (far left) recommended

Hanging Files


Purchase: *2 Boxes, 1/3 cut, standard green hanging files, plastic index tabs usually included.
Letter or legal size (your preference).
Sold in quantities of 25 per box
* Exact number will vary based on individual need. Extras will be used for any file containing more than 3 folders or for bulky folders.