Handy Garage Sale Kits


Whether trying to de-clutter, minimize possessions, raise money, or simply trying to do some spring cleaning; no one will deny putting on a garage sale is hard work. So why not take a few simple steps to ensure its success. The secret to planning and putting on a successful, low stress, garage sale? - ORGANIZATION.

A well organized sale will minimize stress - bring in more interested shoppers - and increase sales, and the end result
will be reflected in your profits and positive experience.
"This kit is definitely worth its weight in gold" - Kristi R., TX

The Handy Garage Sale Kits are affordable tools you'll find both useful and convenient. Each of the two kits comes with preprinted easy to read self-adhesive stickers (a real time saver) - unique and colorful self-adhesive directional arrows, a garage sale checklist (to make sure you don't forget anything), tally sheets (for who sold what and how much), and a Simple Tips Booklet packed with helpful tips to ensure your garage sale is a great success. * Note: The deluxe kit also includes additional arrows and self-adhesive GARAGE SALE words in a whimsical font that make creating signs a snap.

Make your next garage sale a little easier a little more fun - and a LOT more profitable with a Handy Garage Sale Kit!
Examples of Signs
You'll be surprised how quick & easy it is to create your own unique and colorful eye-catching signs!