Testimonials for EasyFile Home Filing System

"Before I came across the EasyFile Home Filing System I could never find my documents. I could not remember where I filed my papers and I did not know where to begin first. Piles of papers all neatly arranged on my desk, with no organization. EasyFile Filing System is brilliant! There is nothing out there like this. Thanks EasyFIle for making my life more organized!"

Elana Klemm 
Roswell, Maryland

"I am writing to thank you for creating the EasyFile home filing system. It is a wonderful tool that I found very "user friendly." It has given me confidence and peace of mind in that I know how to access important information and papers quickly and easily. The workbook is easy and enjoyable to read. The directions are simple, and the results are very satisfying.

I waited for an opportunity to sort which would allow me to leave the mess out a couple of days. The "easy sorts" opened the door for the simplicity of this filing system to be implemented. The actual filing into brand new, color coordinated files was very rewarding. I have even been known to show off my organized files when friends or family come to visit!

This file system has motivated us to upgrade our insurance coverage. It has also been helpful in assessing our financial situation and this has motivated better planning on our part. So again, thank you for making this filing system available. It works!"

Patty H., Homemaker

"This organizational system is perfect, especially for those who have paperwork coming out of their ears and no system (or an unsuccessful system) to keep track of it. It's a very simplistic system and all the work is done for you. All you need is a file box or filing cabinet, file folders, hanging files and lots of paperwork needing to be organized. They've even designed a filing system specifically for homeschoolers!"

Crystal P.

"I appreciate your quick service and would recommend your company to anyone looking for a great filing system."

Alice R.
North Las Vegas, NV

"I have been using your great system for almost 10 years now. So easy and simple! Previously tried another system, so complicated that I needed to create a reference sheet to remember where some things were filed. Thank you, thank you!"

Sue B.

"Unlike other tedious organizational books I've tried, the EasyFile home filing system is the one tool I rely on to help me control paper clutter."

Alice J., Homemaker

"I thought I had a complete filing system until seeing EasyFile. Thanks for your simplified solution!"

Gary K., Financial Adviser

"Very well written."

William H., Software Engineer