Why Keep A Fishing Log

Keeping a fishing log or journal can benefit weekend anglers, professional fishermen, and fishing guides. Whether your goal is to increase your overall fishing success, improve your performance in tournament competition, or enhance your ability as a guide to consistently put your clients on the fish; the regular use of a fishing log can help you reach that goal. It's the details that turn past fishing successes or failures into useful information that can help you develop better fishing techniques and become a more consistent, more productive fisherman.

"Good anglers quickly start becoming better anglers when they begin keeping accurate and detailed notes of each fishing trip. FishTales fishing journals help make this task a treat - not a chore."
- Captain Rodney Smith, Author of Catching Made Easy

Why Keep A Fishing Log?

Important details trusted to memory can easily be forgotten. As time passes, the less accurate your recall becomes, and those small reminders which can help you identify what did and didn't work, begin to slip away. Keeping a fishing log allows you a look back at past experiences where you can observe patterns and actions that can be important in determining the outcome of future fishing outings.

Make the most of your time on the water. Equip yourself with the information and insight you need to predict the right spot, the right time, and the right lure - so you'll be able to plan your strategy - before you head out on the water.

Don't depend on your memory...write it down!

  • Keep a detailed record of when, where, and how the fish are biting.
  • Observe and follow patterns in a particular target species.
  • Build a knowledge base that can help you FIND the fish.
  • Identify successful fishing methods.

With consistent use your fishing log can become a prized resource - and the most valuable fishing tool you own!