Examples of Signs

Make Your Own Unique Garage Sale Signs!


These signs were a big hit at our recent garage sale.
They generated lots of comments
and are easy to make.


Take one large sheet of foam core board and cut it in half.
(You could also use poster board - it just won't be as sturdy)
This makes two signs which can be used horizontally or vertically.

Apply your arrow stickers.
Then either letter the words "Garage Sale" - or apply a word sticker
- depending on which kit you purchase.

Using a jumbo Sharpie marker (the really big one)
decorate the border of your signs.


You can border them with lines, circles, dots,
zigzags, circles with dots inside them,
alternating lines and circles, or
loop-de-loops. . .really, anything goes!


Using a staple gun attach your sign to a wooden stake. 
(We stapled ours from the front)



As a final testament to their success - 
someone took our signs out of the trash. . .
now that's Reuse & Recycle!

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